Black Widow Interdigital Gland Snap Cap 4pk.

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Interdigital Gland Snap Cap 4pk.

The Interdigital Gland and it’s secretions are a very important scent in the making of mock scrapes, and doctoring up existing scrapes!  The Interdigital Gland is located between the toes on the hoof, and gives out a strong musky odor.  These odor messengers indicate information such as status, territorial marking, mood and sexual power, and is like a human fingerprint to a deer.  As the deer walk they leave minute amounts, and as they paw at the ground making scrapes, they are leaving their calling card.  A mock scrape without Interdigital Gland secretions is not a complete scrape!

To Use:  Press the snap cap into the middle of your scrape level with the ground, and open the cap.  Use gloves when touching the snap cap to keep human scent free.  Use one snap cap per scrape.  Refresh every couple of weeks.

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